Signs and Treatment for Opioid Abuse 

Signs and Treatment for Opioid Abuse 

Opioids are also referred to as narcotics by many. However, they are also known as prescription painkillers. Opioid-based painkillers are given to relieve severe chronic pain. Though these drugs have certain medical value, they also have the potential for abuse. 

Many begin consuming opioids as painkillers and end with opioid addiction. Thus, it is important to know more about these drugs and the signs of their abuse. 

Examples of Opioid Drugs

Opioids are just one of the broad categories of prescription drugs. This further includes both legal and illegal forms of opioids. A few common examples of opioids are: 

  1. Oxycodone or Oxycontin 
  2. Hydrocodone or Vicodin 
  3. Codeine 
  4. Morphine 
  5. Heroin 

Out of these, heroin is one of the most abused forms of opioid. It is also an illegal drug and is taken mainly when the patient no longer has the access to their prescription. Heroin then works as a replacement for the legally prescribed painkiller. 

Consuming heroin is dangerous as it can cause addiction along with some severe health issues. Excessive use of heroin can also lead to overdose and even death in certain cases. Hence, it is necessary to seek heroin addiction treatment as early as possible. 

Identifying the Signs of Opioid Abuse 

Opioid abuse begins when the user is unable to restrict their painkiller use. They develop a dependency on the drug and therefore, need at least one dose each day. Such behavior is known as abuse. Opioid abuse can be identified using the following signs: 

  • Misuse of prescriptions 
  • Frequently visiting different doctors 
  • Stealing money to purchase drugs 
  • Engaging in illegal activities 
  • Financial issues 
  • Voluntary isolation 
  • Unable to restrict the drug use 
  • Sudden weight loss 
  • Change in appetite 
  • Lack of personal hygiene 
  • Disrupted sleep 

If these signs are observed in an individual, then they require help. They need to be sent to a rehab center for an opioid addiction treatment program. 

Opioid Addiction Treatment in Texas

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