Know More about Heroin Use and Heroin Overdose 

Know More about Heroin Use and Heroin Overdose 

There have been studies that show the increased use of illicit drugs among the citizens of our country. Not just drug use, but the studies also show increasing numbers of drug overdose cases. One of the primary drugs responsible for this havoc is heroin. Even though the drug causes severe health problems, people aren’t easily able to refrain from its use. 

Hence, to bring awareness among the citizens of the US, our team has compiled this blog mentioning the dangers of heroin. Read ahead to gain more insights. 

How does the use Begin?

Heroin is an illegal drug belonging to the Schedule I category of drugs. This means that it needs to be purchased from drug dealers or smugglers and is extremely harmful to health. But how does the use begin exactly? 

Heroin is not always the first drug that is consumed by an individual. Drug use often begins with prescription drugs. When the prescription expires, the user tries to either get the prescription refilled somehow or tries to get illegal drugs like heroin.

Medication Used for Heroin Overdose 

Overdose is another common issue related to heroin. People consuming heroin often believe a little more of the substance will make them feel even better. However, that’s the misconception. Whenever the dosage is increased, it shows that the mind and body have developed tolerance against the usual dose. Therefore, now, the user needs an increased amount of heroin to feel the usual high. This is how an overdose is caused. 

The best way to help someone overdosing on heroin is by calling for emergency medical help. The doctors will provide a safe medication called Narcan or naloxone.  Once the overdose is controlled, the user will then be sent to rehab for treating the addiction. 

However, rehab can also be an option to avoid overdose. If you know someone using heroin, talk to them and convince them to seek help. You can send them to Mallard Lake Detox Center, Texas for a specialized heroin addiction treatment program. 
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