Signs and Treatment for Kratom Addiction

Signs and Treatment for Kratom Addiction

It has been researched that more than 15 million people across our country consume kratom. But what it is exactly? 

Kratom is a natural alternative to opioid drugs. It is often used in opioid addiction treatment during the withdrawal phase. However, it is still dangerous and holds the capacity to develop an addiction. Hence, it is necessary to know the signs and treatments for kratom addiction. This might help someone you love the most. 

Kratom Addiction 

As we mentioned earlier, kratom is a medicinal drug used during opioid addiction treatment. It produces similar effects as that of opioid drugs and thus, can be used as an alternative. 

However, the effects of kratom can also lead to developing an addiction. One of the reasons behind kratom addiction is also legalization and easy availability. 

Effects of Kratom 

Kratom has positive effects, however, the negative ones are more overpowering. Some of the common negative effects of kratom include: 

  • Hallucination 
  • Constipation 
  • Irregular heart rate 
  • Nausea and vomiting 
  • Seizures 
  • Confusion 
  • Insomnia 
  • Anxiety 

Signs of Kratom Addiction 

Kratom use usually begins for the positive effects it produces. These mainly include feelings of euphoria, mild sedation, and a rise in energy levels. Sadly, it takes only a few more doses for the user to slide down the slope of addiction. You can identify kratom addiction from the following signs: 

  1. Psychotic episodes 
  2. Trembling 
  3. Disturbed sleep 
  4. Changed appearance 
  5. Mood swings 
  6. Agitation 

These are just the physical signs of kratom addiction. You can also identify the addiction by various behavioral signs.

  1. Using the drug in secret 
  2. Hiding the addictive habits of drug use 
  3. Lying about the drug use 
  4. Using unfair means to obtain the drug 
  5. Unusual medicines or green powder found near the user 

If you find these unusual behaviors in your loved one, they could be addicted to kratom. 

Kratom Addiction Treatment 

The most effective way to overcome kratom addiction is by sending your loved one to rehab. You can visit Mallard Lake Detox Center, located in Texas. Our rehab offers a specialized kratom addiction treatment program. Call us now to know more! 

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