Replacing the Negative Emotions with Positive Self-talk

Replacing the Negative Emotions with Positive Self-talk

To achieve a lifetime of sobriety, you need a few things like accurate treatments, effective therapies, co-curricular activities, and some positivity to keep you motivated throughout the process. A rehab center can provide all of the above except some positive self-talk. While the therapists do their best to maintain a positive environment, you still need to stay positive and keep yourself motivated. 

Such positivity can only be achieved by some positive self-talk. Here’s how you carry out positive self-talk and keep yourself motivated throughout the recovery phase. 

Positive Self-Talk

We all know that the process of addiction treatment can become rough at times, especially during the detox period. During such challenging times, one can easily be demotivated and surround themselves with all negative emotions. A few common negative-self talks that often occur are:

  • “I am not worth recovery”
  • “There’s no point in becoming sober”
  • “Other people can achieve sobriety, but I won’t ever be able to do so”
  • “Nobody likes me”
  • “Maybe I’ll start if strong but I won’t ever be able to make it through”
  • “No one cares about my opinion because it doesn’t matter”

All these are rather excuses to avoid treatment or to drop out of rehab. These should instead be replaced with positive self-talk and emotions like: 

  • “I dare to try again”
  • “I am proud of myself to try again”
  • “I appreciate myself for how far I have come”
  • “I have become so much stronger than I expected” 

The moment you begin to replace your negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll see progress in your recovery. 

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