How Long Does it Take to Recover From Addiction?

How Long Does it Take to Recover From Addiction?

Admitting you are dependent on alcohol or drugs is brave. But getting help to recover is braver.

Rehab facilities are more available today compared to in the past because today, with just a click on your computer, you will find different rehab facilities offering various recovery processes.

If you are a first-timer on the process, you might think, “How long is the recovery process?”

While recovery differs from person to person, this article will discuss the standard length of recovery.

The Difference Between Treatment and Recovery

Many people use the terms treatment and recovery interchangeably. While it isn’t wrong to swap them, these terms are different things. In rehab, these terms identify separate processes.

Rehab Treatment is the first stage of your recovery journey. It has two categories, the first is called short-term rehab, and the second is long-term rehab. Short-term rehab spans 28 to 30 days. While long-term rehab typically lasts 90 days. Sometimes, for severe cases, 120 days or more is required.

Short-term and long-term rehab includes detoxification for one to two weeks, then an evaluation of your internal struggles like traumas or mental health illnesses that causes your addiction. From the assessment, professionals from your chosen rehab facility will plan the best treatment plan to treat your addiction.

Recovery is your goal after your treatment. Simply put, recovery is your holistic change after all the treatments and continuous effort you put in after the rehab facility.

Recovery may take a long time depending on your determination, and you may experience challenges while trying to get it. For example, maintaining your sobriety in the outside world. It is very challenging to avoid alcohol and substances, especially if your environment is not suitable for a person recovering. It is the reason why most rehab facilities offer a sober living program that ensures your successful recovery.

Another example of the challenge that you might face while recovering is relapse. While relapse sounds awful, this is a part of recovery.

Though it doesn’t mean that you have to give up your recovery. Instead, use your relapse experience to reevaluate your treatment program to achieve a better and more successful recovery.

To sum it up, treatment and recovery go hand in hand. Recovery is your goal, and treatment is the steps you need to take to achieve your goal.

If you are ready to take the first step on your recovery journey, Mallard Lake Detox Center near Dallas, Texas, is here to help you.

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