Reasons Why Drug Rehab can be Challenging

Reasons Why Drug Rehab can be Challenging

Substance abuse is a rising health concern for our country. The only to fight it is by attending drug rehab. However, not all addicts manage to receive treatment. Studies by experts show that about 10% of Americans aged 18 and above struggle with addiction. But only about 10% of them receive treatment. 

So what stops the remaining of them? Why is receiving addiction treatment a challenge for many? 4 primary reasons govern this issue. Let’s read more about them. 

  1. Withdrawal symptoms 

Undergoing addiction treatment is necessary to regain health. However, it is also equally difficult to go through it. During treatment, all patients face some sort of discomfort known as withdrawal symptoms. This is mainly in the form of more drug cravings, mental health imbalances, and physical discomfort. Due to these symptoms of withdrawal, one might refrain from seeking treatment. 

  1. Addiction as a disease 

Addiction is a brain disease. It mainly affects the user’s control over actions like judgment, decision-making, learning, memory, behavior, etc. Once addicted, the user needs substances to perform these actions as usual. However, when asked to stop, they cannot function without drugs or alcohol. Hence, addicts prefer to consume substances to feed their brain’s dependence. 

  1. Treatment can be costly 

Though rehabs are necessary, they are still expensive. Especially, if one plans to receive the best quality treatment. Hence, if the user is going through some financial problems, rehab may seem out of their reach. Also, patients without insurance might find rehab costs too high to be paid and decide not to undergo treatment at all. 

  1. Triggers 

Addiction treatment can solve the problem. But it does not guarantee sobriety if the patient is surrounded by triggers. If one lives in an environment where the substance is easily accessible or has other triggers around, then maintaining sobriety can be tough. The same may also feed their addiction and stop them from receiving treatment at all. If one feels they won’t be able to hold back after treatment, then declining rehab might be an easier solution for them. 

One might also have other personal reasons for attending rehab. But at Mallard Lake Detox Center, we encourage everyone who needs help to visit us. We serve the people of Houston and surrounding areas. Our team comprises experts who assure to help you at every step to make your life better. Contact us now to schedule an appointment and take a step in the right direction. 

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