One of the Best Luxury Rehabs in Texas

One of the Best Luxury Rehabs in Texas

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration or the SAMHSA did a survey in 2019 that proves that nearly 60% of people use illicit drugs and more than 58% of people consume alcohol. 

These numbers aren’t negligible and also show the need for rehab centers in the country. It is necessary to quit drugs and alcohol to have a healthier future. And for that, one needs to attend rehab programs. However, a traditional rehab might not be enough for all. Some of us might need help from a luxury rehab, located in Texas

Luxury Rehabs in Texas

Texas is home to many rehab facilities. One of these rehabs is the Mallard Lake Detox Center. This is a luxury rehab offering the following: 

  1. Emergency counseling 
  2. Assessment for substance abuse 
  3. Detox programs 
  4. Long-term care 
  5. Aftercare programs 

Apart from these essential programs and services, Mallard Lake Detox Center also offers the following as a part of its luxury rehab program:

  1. Holistic treatment 
  2. Multiple therapy options 
  3. Music therapy 
  4. Animal-assisted therapy 
  5. Assured privacy 
  6. Private and comfortable accommodations 
  7. Permission to use devices like cellphones, laptops, etc. 
  8. Gourmet meals 
  9. Access to gym, spa, etc. 
  10. Permission to handle work and/or family responsibilities 

With all these features, this luxury rehab becomes the perfect option for the ones who have really busy schedules at work and wish to recover with the utmost privacy. 

Treatment Programs Offered

Mallard Lake Detox Center also includes detailed addiction treatment programs. These are beneficial for complete recovery. The treatment programs offered here are 

  • Detox and medical detox

The program assures that the patients safely quit the substances and allow their bodies to heal from the damage. 

  • Residential or inpatient treatment 

This program allows the patients to stay in the facility until they achieve sobriety. 

  • Outpatient treatment 

It is an extended version of treatment where the patient attends therapies while catering to everyday responsibilities. 

  • Aftercare 

This is a follow-up program after treatment to assure complete sobriety for life. 

With all these programs and therapies in place, Mallard Lake Detox becomes the perfect option for those looking for luxury rehab. 
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