Knowing the Cycle of Xanax Addiction

Knowing the Cycle of Xanax Addiction

The United States of America is often also referred to as the “Xanax Nation”-meaning, the country with the most number of Xanax users. Xanax is the name given to a medicinal drug called alprazolam. Its purpose is to help patients suffering from disorders like anxiety and panic attacks. Though Xanax is a prescription medicine, it still has a high potential to cause addiction. 

Let’s see how the addiction cycle begins and how can you treat it. 

The cycle of Xanax Addiction

Xanax addiction spares no one. It doesn’t matter if you have taken any pain relieving medicines before, if you take a dose of Xanax and feel like taking it again, that’s the first sign of building dependency. 

The cycle of Xanax addiction goes like this: 

  • The beginning

You may begin to experience feelings such as anxiety, depression, or even panic attacks. This could be due to reasons like trauma, etc. When these disorders continue to occur, you might decide to see a doctor in the hope to find a cure. The doctor would write you down a prescription mentioning Xanax. 

  • The first dose of Xanax

A few minutes after you pop in the first pill, you would begin to experience sudden happiness and joy. All the negative emotions and thoughts would seem to disappear. This is just your first encounter with the drug. 

  • Building tolerance

Now, whenever you feel uneasy, you know what to do. Just take a pill of Xanax. However, that’s exactly what you aren’t supposed to do. Taking too much Xanax for an extended time can lead you to build tolerance for it. Building tolerance is just the beginning of your Xanax addiction. 

Once you have developed a full-fledged Xanax addiction, there’s only one-way out-going for a medically-assisted detox program. 

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