Is There a Connection Between Alcohol and Anger?

Is There a Connection Between Alcohol and Anger?

Has there been an instance when you’ve encountered a person who got so drunk and the next thing you know, they’ve become aggressive and angry? Maybe this person could have been you at some point, right?

You might be wondering what the connection is between alcohol and anger, but these two are extremely interlinked.

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So if you’re wondering why alcohol makes you angry, then keep reading this blog post.

When it comes to addiction and anger, there are countless ways why these things are interlinked. One of the ways is that drinking alcohol can cause our prefrontal cortex to be inhibited, and this is the area of our brain that’s responsible for solving our problems, managing emotions, and even making sound judgments.

Now, when this part is inhibited, then our feelings can often dominate and we might become more and more irrational.

Plus, alcohol and anger can work in the same way as stress and sleep deprivation, and these things can make people so emotional. There’s also a study that indicates that alcohol is often linked with aggression, which is more than any other substance.

If you’re struggling with alcohol addiction, know that you’re never alone and there are places like Mallard Lake Detox Center that can offer the help you need – know that our doors are open.

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