Is Alcoholism Considered a Mental Health Disorder?

Is Alcoholism Considered a Mental Health Disorder?

Alcoholism is one of the most complicated diseases that involves biological, psychological, and social components. Like most chronic illnesses, alcoholism can run in cycles and we can then suffer from a relapse and go into remission.

While alcoholism is a serious problem in the United States of America, is this considered to be a mental health disorder? This is a question we tend to get a lot.

According to the American Medical Association, alcoholism is a disease with compulsive decision-making, impulsive behavior, and relapse. Their theory of alcohol follows this criterion:

  • Alcoholism doesn’t go away or it can be healed by itself
  • Alcoholism doesn’t have any observable signs and symptoms
  • Alcoholism is biological in nature
  • Alcoholism has a very conventional development and recovery timeline
  • Alcoholism is progressive and it can get worse if left untreated

Now, there are quite a few risk factors at play when someone is developing alcoholism. These might include age, genetics, biology, environment, and even social influences. Plus, one of the most common reasons why we develop alcoholism is rooted in our brain’s reward centers.

Depending on how long we’ve been addicted to alcohol, this substance can change the physicality of our brains and this is one of the reasons why we get dependent on alcohol.

According to research, alcohol addiction is a real medical disorder. It can be compared to the likes of anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses. So like the latter ones, alcoholism should be treated with care and respect, and we need to go to a trusted rehabilitation facility.

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