How Long Is An Intensive Outpatient Program

How Long Is An Intensive Outpatient Program

An intensive outpatient program can be one option if you or a loved one is ready to get help for their addiction. Also known as IOP, it is a type of rehab program used for substance abuse in which the patient visits a treatment center. The treatment that a person receives during an intensive outpatient program is comparatively more intensive and efficient than what a standard outpatient program consists of.

‘How long does an intensive outpatient program last?’ is probably the most asked question about IOP. Since people differ from each other in more than one way, the answer is dependent on the patient and what their needs are.


A patient will go through an assessment after entering treatment. This will include gathering preliminary information, followed by a comprehensive bio-psychological assessment. To tailor the treatment services to specifically address the patient’s issues, a patient’s history and future goals are discussed.

Sessions Of Therapy

The primary goal of IOP is to facilitate the patient’s comeback to society, their family, and the workplace as a productive and functioning individual. Treatments will include both; group and individual sessions. Due to its effectiveness in gradually integrating patients back into society with a healthier outlook, cognitive behavioral therapy is often used.

Identifying Motivation

There are various internal and external reasons that motivate a person to get started on the road to recovery. IOP counsellors wish to connect with their patients so that they can connect their concerns to the issues with substance abuse. To do this, counselors often want to understand their patient’s motivations and what they care about.

Participation of Family and Loved Ones

For many patients, family is one of the most important sources of support. It is widely believed that the influence and ongoing support of family members is a heavy influence on a patient’s life and recovery. Several family-based services and strategies are used such as multi-family group sessions, family therapy, support groups and retreats.

Final Evaluation

This is the last step of an IOP and it is done when the patient has successfully completed the intensive outpatient program. Depending on the patient’s needs for ongoing care, the intensity of the treatment is adjusted. It is also very essential for the patient to continue to receive support after the intensive outpatient program ends. The final evaluation also determines that the patient is ready to attend a less intensive level of treatment and care. 

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