How To Congratulate Someone On Sobriety

How To Congratulate Someone On Sobriety

Recovering from an addiction can be difficult but supporting and congratulating the one approaching a sobriety milestone, certainly isn’t. Here are some of the ways to congratulate someone on their sobriety anniversary in a manner that’s comfortable for both of you:

Express Pride & Support

Studies indicate that 40 to 60 percent of people treated for addiction are more likely to relapse in the first year itself. The path of recovery is a lifelong and challenging process, so let them know that you are proud of them for coming so far!

Celebrate the sobriety anniversary like any other occasion and let them know you are there for them. Also, try helping them with the ways that can make sober living easier for them.

Offer Help And Companionship

On the path of sobriety, offer them help and create a positive and supportive environment. Keep a check on the one recovering from addiction as they might not ask for help. Invite them to sober events or plan a day out with lots of fun activities. This will help them to bond and open up with you. As it is very important to make them comfortable talking about their struggle and encourage them to stay sober.

Affirm Their Progress and What They Deserve

People might feel guilty for their previous actions and how addiction affected their professional and personal life. Tell them how they deserve a better life and recognise the progress they have made on the path of sobriety.

Here are some of the statements you can use to build their confidence and provide positive reinforcement:

  • “You are so strong”
  • “I’m there for you”
  • “I’m proud to see you taking good care of yourself”
  • “You are inspiring”
  • “You deserve a happy and healthy life”
  • “Keep fighting”

To show someone how proud you are of them on their sobriety anniversary, you can have a celebration for the same. Mark the date on your calendar and this could be an annual thing of doing something fun with your loved one.

What Not To Say On Someone’s Sobriety Anniversary

Sometimes we might not know an appropriate word or way to congratulate someone on their sobriety anniversary. Here are some of the examples you need to avoid saying to someone:

  • “How long have you been sober?”
  • “I understand how it feels”
  • “I have a friend that’s in recovery”
  • “I can understand how you feel”

Make sure you don’t ask invasive questions which will make them uncomfortable. Focus on how proud you are of them for the sobriety they have achieved.

Talk With Professionals About Sobriety Anniversary and Recovery Programs

If you or a loved one is ready to begin the road to recovery, you can get in touch with us. Contact us Mallardlakedetox in Houston, TX today to learn more about sobriety anniversary and recovery programs.

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