How is Long-Term Drug Rehab Beneficial?

How is Long-Term Drug Rehab Beneficial?

Most people identify drug rehab as a short 30-day program. However, it is not ideal for all. Some patients may need more time to heal than others. Therefore, a 30-day program isn’t suitable for all. The ones who need extended help need to go for an elaborate long-term treatment program.

Let’s what is included in a long-term rehab and how is it beneficial.

What to Expect at a Long-Term Rehab?
Long-term rehab is no different than a short-term program. It offers the same support and quality of care. Patients start with assessment, detox, therapies, and medication, and eventually progress to aftercare.

However, the highlight of this rehab program is its length. Long-term rehab does not end after 30 days. It goes on until the patient has recovered enough to move on. This program is beneficial for the ones who have:

Relapsed after treatment
Stressful jobs and living environments
Persisted drug use at home
Dual diagnosis
Abused drugs at an early age

How Does the Program Benefit them?
Long-term rehab benefits these people in the following ways:

Access and support from therapeutic communities
These communities are accessible for 6 months after treatment. This means the patient receives thorough support for a long time after treatment.

Extended support
Long-term rehab keeps patients away from substances for a significantly longer time. This helps in recovering better and developing healthy ways to cope with triggers.

Long-term rehab follows a more detailed structure while offering treatment. The patients still have access to therapies, counseling, and training, months after the program has ended.

Focus on mental health
The rehab also extends support for mental health in the form of social interaction, anxiety, coping with stress, handling emotions, etc.

Focus on physical health
In addition to mental well-being, the program also focuses on maintaining physical health. Patients can undergo nutritional therapy, exercises, etc. for the same.

Recovering at one’s own pace
The time needed for recovery is not the same for all. Neither can anyone be pressurized to recover faster. Thus, with long-term rehab, patients can recover at their own pace and assure long-term sobriety.

Long-Term Rehab and Mallard Lake Detox Center
You can avail of these benefits from our long-term program at Mallard Lake Detox Center. We are located in Houston, Texas, and offer an elaborate program for you to recover. All our programs are guided by experts who assure safe and faster treatment. Contact us now to get more details!

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