How does Childhood Trauma Lead to Addiction?

How does Childhood Trauma Lead to Addiction?

According to research, childhood trauma has proven to be one of the common reasons behind addiction. Not everyone is raised in a safe and secure environment. Kids who have experienced abuse and other unpleasant activities in their childhood often carry the burden of trauma throughout their lives. As they grow, they tend to rely on substances to cope with the trauma. 

All this adds up to making them addicted to the substances. Once addicted, they need specialized treatment. Let’s learn more about treating childhood trauma and addiction

Childhood Trauma and Addiction

The environment and people you grow up with greatly impact how you attach yourself with others in your adulthood. Experts suggest there are 4 major types of attachment styles you can build with people around you. 

  1. Secure attachment: you feel confident, safe, open, and can easily trust others. 
  2. Anxious-preoccupied attachment: you’re worried about being abandoned, being disliked, and constantly questioning your worth.
  3. Dismissive-avoidant attachment: you crave connection but also push people away due to the fear of rejection. You also struggled to express your feelings. 
  4. Fearful-avoidant attachment: you’re afraid of others but always try to seek validation and please people. 

Attachment styles apart from secure attachment are all potential causes of childhood trauma. You’re constantly in search of some love and trust in your growing years. However, if you don’t get it, you begin to lose your self-worth and rely on drugs and alcohol to feel better. This continued behavior leads to addiction, which then needs specialized treatment from rehab. 

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Addiction of such sort needs specialized treatment which can help you overcome childhood trauma along with treating addiction. You can go for trauma therapy at Mallard Lake Detox center. 

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