How can Binge Drinking Lead to a Bigger Problem?

How can Binge Drinking Lead to a Bigger Problem?

You must have heard of the term called “binge drinking”. But are you aware of what it means? Binge drinking means consuming over 4 drinks in 2 hours for women and more than 5 drinks for men. During this time, the blood-alcohol level in your system rises to about 0.08 g/dl. 

Such a pattern of drinking is where the trouble begins. Here’s what you can do to stop yourself from drowning in alcohol addiction. 

Controlling Binge Drinking

Binge drinking might give you the greatest feeling of euphoria. But soon you’ll also come to face a few difficulties. Binge drinking results in:

  • Increased chances of accident and injuries
  • Engaging in violent activities, sexual assaults, suicide, etc. 
  • Unprotected sexual activities increase the risk of sexually-transmitted diseases
  • Unintended pregnancy 
  • Miscarriage, fetal alcohol syndrome, stillbirth, or even a child born with disabilities 
  • Memory loss and learning troubles 
  • Cancer 
  • Alcohol use disorder 

There’s a faint line separating binge drinking and alcohol use disorder. Hence, it can be difficult to differentiate between both. You can answer these questions to know whether your drinking patterns are pointing towards a greater problem.

  1. Have you experienced blackouts (unable to remember anything after heavy drinking)? 
  2. Have others commented on your drinking patterns?
  3. Are you giving up on plans and activities which do not include alcohol?
  4. Are you ashamed of your drinking patterns? 

If the answers to the majority of the questions are “yes”, then you do have a problem with alcohol. This is known as alcohol use disorder and it has a great potential to damage your physical and mental health. Thus, it’s best to seek professional help before you lose it all. 

Seek Alcohol Addiction Treatment Now!

If you’re suffering from alcohol use disorder, it’s best to receive help on time. You can visit Mallard Lake Detox center and begin treatment at the earliest. 

We also serve the citizens of Fort Worth, Texas. Contact us now and enroll in our alcohol detox program! 

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