How Does a Typical Drug Rehab Work?

How Does a Typical Drug Rehab Work?

What do you picture when asked to think of rehab? Does the image include a dark and dingy place with patients locked up in rooms? If yes, then you are wrong. Rehabs are no longer like they are portrayed in movies. Patients in recovery are treated with the utmost care and sensitivity. 

Rehabs these days understand a patient’s situation well and offer all sorts of help possible. Now, let’s see how these rehabs work. 

General Framework of Rehab 

The general framework of rehab includes a typical process with the following steps: 

  1. Assessment 
  2. Detox 
  3. Therapies 
  4. Medication 
  5. Aftercare 

All these programs are designed around the individual needs of every patient. The first step or the assessment allows the rehab staff to determine the needs and work out a treatment plan. 

How Long is the Rehab Period? 

The experts recommend spending at least 30 days in rehab. However, the stay can be extended to 60 or 90 days if the patient needs more time to recover.

What Does a Typical Day in Rehab Look Like? 

A typical day in rehab starts early with breakfast and a morning workout or gym session for patients. Some patients may also work out or go to the gym for their daily exercises. 

As the day proceeds, the patients attend different therapy sessions. Some go for group counseling, while others go for individual therapy. The sessions are scheduled as per the needs of the patients. After lunchtime, patients continue therapy. However, they end mostly by evening. 

After this, patients can participate in recreational activities to freshen up and end the day in a comfortable setting. The experts also encourage patients to sleep early so that they can start their next day on time and also get enough sleep. 

Some Rules to Follow at Rehab 

Though rehabs want patients to feel comfortable, they still need to follow some rules. Some examples of those rules are: 

  1. No drugs or alcohol on the premises 
  2. No leaving the facility without authorization 
  3. No violent acts or outbursts 
  4. Mendatory presence for all testing and counseling sessions 

These and many such rules help patients stay focused on treatment. 

Joining Rehab in Texas 

Mallard Lake Detox Center in Texas is one of the best rehabs to receive treatment. We serve the people of Houston and surrounding areas. All our programs are conducted by experts so that all patients heal in the best hands. Contact our team today to enroll in our rehab. 

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