How Do I Know if I Need Help?

How Do I Know if I Need Help?

You must be aware that rehab is necessary to overcome addiction. But do you know when is the right time to seek treatment? 

Well, there are ways to identify that too. Sadly, many of us fail to notice them and delay the treatment. Not only does this make addiction severe but also makes recovery difficult. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the signs that show the need for rehab. 

5 Signs to Identify the Need for Rehab 

Listed below are some common signs of addiction that call for rehab

  1. Lying and becoming secretive 

Addiction often makes the user hide their drug use. Especially, when your friends and family are constantly showing concern for it. You may also begin to lie about your drug use, the places you visit, your work status, etc. As an addict, you will do anything in your power to prove that you are sober and don’t use drugs. 

  1. Self-medicating using drugs 

No matter how big or small the problem is, drugs become your only solution to tackle with the problem. This is also known as self-medication. May it be a physical health issue or a mental illness, you resort to drugs as a means of comfort. Some common reasons for self-medication can be: 

  • To fight boredom 
  • As a way to escape from a painful reality 
  • Wanting to try something new 
  1. Unable to quit despite several attempts 

Many fail to quit as their addiction has already become too severe. Relapsing while detoxing alone also falls under the same category. In either of these cases, it is important to join a rehab in time. 

  1. Losing your job or expulsion from school 

Addiction also affects your performance at work or school. After a certain period, it will be evident to everyone that you are on drugs. As a result, they are likely to fire you or expel you from school. After all, nobody like to lose in business because of an addict. 

  1. Other signs of addiction 

Besides these, there are other signs too that prove your drug addiction. These are: 

  • Continuously thinking about drugs 
  • Needing drugs to feel good 
  • The fear of running out of drugs 
  • Stealing money to pay for drugs 

If these signs are true for you, then visit a rehab soon. Come to Mallard Lake Detox Center for elaborate rehab treatment. We serve the people of Houston and other surrounding areas. Contact us now to know more! 

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