How Does a Drug Rehab Work?

How Does a Drug Rehab Work?

Are you addicted to drugs or alcohol? Do you need help to overcome your addiction? If yes, then joining a rehab would be the right thing to do. A rehab helps in multiple ways to treat your addiction and any underlying health issues. It also helps you start a better and healthy life. But how does it function exactly? 

Well, a rehab utilizes a multi-step process. But before we know more about the process, let us first see what you need before beginning the treatment. 

Gathering Tools for Success 

The hardest part of receiving treatment is making that one phone call to the center. Once you pass that, the entire process of admission is handled smoothly. The rehab staff mentions everything up front as to what you can expect during treatment, the cost, and other aspects. 

Once all of this is cleared, you can begin the admission process. As you begin, you will then go through the following steps of treatment: 

  1. Assessment 

This is the first step that involves a few tests. The rehab staff will take you through a set of tests to understand your addiction better. The results of the tests will help them determine your health and the kind of treatment you need. Later, a treatment plan is devised as per your unique requirements. 

  1. Detox 

The necessary step to achieve sobriety is by eliminating the substances from your body. Thus, for this, you need to undergo detox. It allows your mind and body to readjust to sobriety. Meanwhile, your detox, and withdrawal symptoms are also likely to occur. But with some help, you will be able to manage those too. 

  1. Therapy 

As you conclude detox, you can enter therapy. This mainly involves individual, group, and family therapies. Each one of them has a separate process but works for the same motive-achieving sobriety, and developing healthy ways to manage triggers. 

  1. Medical assistance 

You may need medical support if your addiction was too severe. These medications mainly help during detox to help you manage withdrawal symptoms and reduce the risk of relapse. 

  1. Aftercare 

This step is extremely essential to maintain sobriety. Aftercare offers support in the form of therapies and daily meetings. These help you manage sobriety while you focus on your routine. 

This is an ideal process, necessary for rehabs to follow. Mallard Lake Detox Center also abides by these steps and serves the people of Houston and surrounding areas. Visit our rehab or call our experts for more details. 

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