Food Items that Suppress Alcohol Cravings 

Food Items that Suppress Alcohol Cravings 

One of the toughest parts of recovery is controlling your alcohol cravings. It can be challenging if you live in an environment that supports alcohol. However, controlling your alcohol cravings post-recovery can also be difficult due to certain food habits. Some food items can trigger your urge to consume alcohol. 

Therefore, instead of surrendering to your alcohol cravings, it is important to know about a few food items that will help you stay sober. Read the blog below to know more about foods that can curb your alcohol cravings. 

Foods that can Fight Alcohol Cravings 

Here’s a list of some food items that can help you stay strong against your alcohol cravings. 

  1. Lean proteins

Lean proteins are a must in all sorts of diets, even for diets to control alcohol cravings. These proteins can be obtained from chicken and fish. Another benefit of having these foods is that you can cook them with any flavors that you desire. Overall, it’s a tasty way to overcome alcohol cravings. 

  1. Whole grains 

Alcohol is a rich source of carbohydrates, however, it also contains certain unwanted elements. Since carbohydrates are necessary for your diet, you can try replacing alcohol with healthier options like whole grains. These grains are full of crabs and fiber and they will make you feel full for a long time. This will stop you from thinking about drinking alcohol to satisfy your hunger.

  1. Nuts and seeds 

Nuts and seeds are a rich source of healthy fat. They also help in boosting energy. Along with this, nuts and seeds also contain additional vitamins and nutrients. All of these help you in fighting off your alcohol cravings. Nuts and seeds are also a great way to regain the lost nutrient during addiction. 

  1. Dairy 

Dairy products are a healthy source of protein and potassium. They also help in overcoming certain nutrient deficiencies that were experienced due to addiction. Dairy products allow your body to regain lost nutrients.

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