Define Your Alcohol Recovery Goals

Define Your Alcohol Recovery Goals

Have you made up your mind to get rid of alcohol and wish to live a happy and healthy life again? Then here’s something that can help you achieve your goals. 

Once you have decided to go for alcohol addiction recovery, you can now decide on certain short-term and long-term goals for your recovery. These goals will act as milestones as you slowly approach the completion of the treatment. As you begin to achieve these goals one after another, you will feel motivated to continue the treatment, which will help you maintain your focus on the same. 

What Can Be Your Short-Term Goals?

As easy as it may seem, short-term goals will be the most difficult ones to figure out. You will be easily able to list down your long-term goals for recovery as they mainly revolve around achieving and maintaining a healthy and sober life. However, short-term goals will require some guidance to come down on paper. 

You can take a hint from some of the short-term goals mentioned here: 

  • Remove all the alcohol-related items and contacts
  • Seek help from a recovery sponsor or a local support group
  • Try and fix those strained relationships which you wish to have in your life 
  • Commit to doing something positive every day 
  • Look for new interests or try to follow your old passions and hobbies 

These are some of the short-term goals you can consider; however, your therapist or counselor will always help you with these and more. 

What Can Be Your Long-Term Goals? 

Long-term goals might be easy to figure out, but they could be challenging to follow as you will have to constantly abide by them at each and every step in your life after recovery. Adding words like “forever”, “always”, or “never” could instil feelings of fear, obligation, guilt and discouragement. Hence, choose your words wisely while penning down your long-term goals. Also, make sure that the goals you decide are measurable, realistic, tangible and personal. 

Here are some long-term goals which can help you begin with yours: 

  • Learn new skills and try to seek a new job, explore career options etc. 
  • Learn new things by reading, take some classes, get your GED
  • Payout debts and become financially stable
  • Maintain regular eating, sleeping and exercising schedule
  • Engage in community services and volunteer work

What To Expect From An Alcohol Addiction Treatment?

An alcohol addiction treatment will mainly offer you all the necessary treatments and therapies to help you fight your addiction. You can get these facilities at Mallard Lake Detox Center. Our qualified staff is always ready to help you. Contact our center now to get more details about the alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs. 

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