All you Need to Know About Meth

All you Need to Know About Meth

You must have seen or heard of a drug named meth. This popular drug has also been portrayed in a famous TV series called Breaking Bad. but do you know what meth or methamphetamine is? 

If not, then this blog is for you. Here we have tried to cover every important piece of information about meth. Reading this will help you learn more about the drug, its effects, and possible ways to treat its addiction. 

What is Meth? 

Meth is a short name for a drug called methamphetamine. It is a composition of various chemicals and acts as a stimulant. Consuming meth signals your brain to release an immense amount of dopamine. These high levels of dopamine will make you feel extremely happy and energized. This sensation is known as meth high or euphoria. 

Frequent use of meth can cause side effects like anxiety, paranoia, high blood pressure, etc. Certain effects can also be as worse as heart attack, stroke, brain damage, and even death. 

What are Meth Use Disorder and Addiction? 

Meth use disorder is the habit of taking frequent doses of the drug. This habit then soon turns into an addiction. When once addicted to meth, you cannot go even a day without the substance. The best way to identify your meth addiction is by looking for the given signs: 

  • Consuming larger amounts of meth than usual 
  • Taking meth for an unexpectedly long time 
  • Unable to quit the drug despite trying several times 
  • Spending hours trying to obtain meth 
  • Intense cravings to consume meth when sober 
  • Unable to carry out regular tasks at work or school 
  • Unable to quit the drug despite knowing of your health problems and other issues 
  • Neglecting social gatherings, and other tasks to prioritize meth 

If you observe any of these signs, it’s a clue that you need to stop the use and seek treatment.

What are Meth’s Effects on the Brain? 

Meth mainly reacts with the reward system of your brain. You feel extremely happy when high. That is because the drug has signaled your brain to produce a lot of dopamine. However, as the effect of meth subsides, you return to your original mental state. 

Now that once you have experienced that feeling of ultimate happiness, your mind and body crave it again. These are the temptations or the drug cravings. Once you give in to these cravings, that’s when addiction kicks in. 

Treating Meth Addiction  

Meth addiction can be treated by undergoing a detox program. If you too suffer from meth addiction, treatment is available at Mallard Lake Detox Center in Houston, Texas.

You can visit us now to learn more about the same. Contact our team today to schedule an appointment. 

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