Shocking Facts About Crystal Meth

Shocking Facts About Crystal Meth

Meth is a drug that has been in use since WWII. The drug was given to the soldiers to help them stay awake during the war. Later in the 1950s, meth was marketed as a diet pill. However, in the 1970s, the government of the United States realized the harmful effects of meth and declared it illegal. Since then, meth is being produced in secret labs. But the drug use hasn’t stopped. 

Besides history, meth has many other surprising facts attached to it. These will surely change your perception of the drug. 

Facts About Crystal Meth 

Listed below are some popular and surprising facts about crystal meth that is surely going to make you quit the drug: 

  1. Crystal meth is a popular drug among the younger generation 

Meth use increases focus and helps you concentrate better. That’s the reason the younger generation prefers to consume it. It has been observed that about 0.6%, 0.7%, and 1.2% of the meth users belong to grades 8, 10, and 12 respectively. Also, about 0.3% of meth users age between 12 and 17, and 3.3% of the users are between the ages of 18 and 25. 

  1. Crystal meth is composed of toxic chemicals 

Crystal meth is one of the easiest drugs to make. You would be shocked to know that those beautiful-looking crystals are made from chemicals like lighter fluid, lye, liquid drain cleaner, brake fluid, and battery acid. Some of these chemicals are dangerous to touch, imagine injecting and smoking them. 

  1. Meth addiction can easily cause acute and chronic overdose 

Meth rush is believed to stay for about 30 mins. This tempts the user to consume more drugs and remain high for a longer time. However, what they miss here is that consumption in this manner can increase the chances of acute and chronic overdose. 

  1. Crystal meth addiction makes you malnourished 

One of the side effects of meth is that it kills your appetite but also produces a rush of energy. As a result, you skip your meals for days but burn a lot of calories. This leads to improper eating habits and malnutrition in your body. 

  1. Meth addiction causes permanent brain damage

Crystal meth interacts with dopamine production in your brain. Thus, with repeated use of the drug, your brain’s structure and function is permanently altered.

Considering these facts, it is clear that crystal meth is the most dangerous drug one can ever consume. Thus, if you are one of the meth addicts, quit the drug today. You can visit Mallard Lake Detox Center in Houston, Texas for professional assistance. 

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