Alcohol as a Socially Acceptable Addictive Substance

Alcohol as a Socially Acceptable Addictive Substance

There is no question about society’s acceptance of alcohol as a part of life. Drinking alcohol has been there since you were born. As a matter of fact, alcohol is a part of some religious customs. It is why most people normalize drinking as a part of their daily lives.

Alcohol is widely available in every part of the world, whether it is commercially produced or locally made within the community. Alcohol is proven to be a highly addictive substance, but why is it socially acceptable?

Reasons Why Alcohol Is Treated Differently Than Other Addictive Substances

You might argue that drinking alcohol is okay because it is unrestricted and you just need to be of age to buy it.

While it is true that there are no strict regulations regarding alcohol consumption, it does not erase the fact that alcohol can cause serious addiction, which can be difficult to bounce back from. Alcohol is socially acceptable because of many reasons, and here are some primary ones.

History has proven that alcohol has been around ever since. Records from the past showed that alcohol was used as a pain reliever and as an antiseptic. Alcohol was backed by historical traditions.

Additionally, during some religious customs, people consume alcohol and other spirits. It is why restricting alcohol is actually stepping on the religious rights of some communities, which can cause a major rift between the church and the state.

Also, alcohol contributes major significance to the economy of every country. The alcohol industry produces billions of dollars in the US alone. And it provides millions of jobs for everyone.

Generally, alcohol delivers numerous benefits for every country, which is why alcohol is treated differently from other addictive substances.

The Bottomline

Although alcohol is socially acceptable, it still can cause addiction. It can affect the body and the mind when consumed without restrictions. It affects a huge number of people physically, emotionally, socially, and financially.

To be honest, alcohol addiction is a difficult battle to win. It is why prevention is always better than cure.

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