Addiction Recovery Process: How Long is it?

Addiction Recovery Process: How Long is it?

An addict or a loved one of an addict often wonders how long does the recovery process last. However, before we attempt to answer this question, we must first address what is the difference between recovery and treatment. People often think what happens after the period of rehab is over. 

In this article, we at Mallard will attempt to answer all of these queries and some more. 

Recovery and Treatment – What is the difference?

Residential addiction treatment consists of processes of addiction treatment and detox. Nevertheless, the process of recovery is a long one and also consists of the period after rehab. This is the reason behind the existence of residential treatment facilities. They make sure that the clients have a chance at a lasting recovery. 

We can help you understand the same through an example. Think of recovery as this utopian home. It is where you want to be. But, we need to construct this dream house. You should realize that the construction of this house is the process of treatment. You can only make and get to recovery once you complete your treatment. 

Understand this: recovery is a challenge for most people. We can help you overcome this challenge. This is our job at Mallard Lake Detox Center, we will get you on the path to recovery. 

So, you might be wondering – what is the best way to attain the same? First, get an insight into yourself. What are your triggers? What makes you drive towards your addiction? 

All of this is possible when you submit yourself for evaluation. Getting a diagnosis at the early stage proves to be of the utmost importance. 

How long is the process of recovery?

Keep this in mind: the process of recovery is not something that people do for a certain period of time. You would think that a person getting into a facility for 28 days would mean that he is on the path of recovery after the lapse of this time. 

We should see the process of recovery from addiction as a way of life. Recovery is about continuous growth. You are not leaving a substance or alcohol behind but all the things associated with it. The unhealthy life, the destructive behavior, and the lack of control over your senses – you are leaving it all behind. 

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