10 Alarming Signs That You Are with an Alcoholic

10 Alarming Signs That You Are with an Alcoholic

Dating someone with the same interest as you is the best feeling in the world. Getting to know more about the person slowly can make you fall deeply.

But before you settle, make sure to check these signs to know whether you are dating a person with an alcohol use disorder.

  1. Their activities always include alcohol

People with AUD can not stand an event without alcohol. When you notice that your partner always looks for alcohol in gatherings that you attend together or is not enthusiastic to attend an event with no alcohol, your partner may be in the early stages of AUD.

Additionally, take note of all the events your partner tagged you along to, if they have AUD, their social activities revolve around alcohol.

  1. They use alcohol to cope with stress

Bumps on the road are normal. No one has a perfect life. Everyone experiences stressful challenges once in a while. When your partner turns to alcohol for every stress and anxiety that they feel, it is a red flag.

There are other healthy coping techniques to use in alleviating stress and anxiety.

  1. They drink anytime, anywhere

You can not remember a time when your partner does not hold a beer or any alcohol. Whenever you see your partner, he is drinking and always defending it.

  1. They change in personalities after drinking

If your partner shows a significant change in their attitude after drinking, most of the time, they have AUD. Especially the violent ones.

  1. They have issues in every aspect of their life

If you notice that your partner’s job is being neglected, or deliberately forget to spend time with friends and family, or if your partner is abandoning you for alcohol.

  1. They have a family history of AUD

Although not everyone, research showed that a person with a family history of AUD is most likely to suffer from it too.

  1. They drink what’s available

People who can control their alcohol can stand without drinking, especially if their choice of booze is not available. But it is different for a person with AUD, any type of alcohol can do, as long as it can deliver the same effect.

  1. They become resourceful when it comes to sourcing alcohol

People with AUD can find ways to fix their alcohol cravings every time. They can even produce money for alcohol even though they can not pay for other things.

  1. They don’t get drunk easily

Excessive alcohol drinking can lead to tolerance. It is a clear sign of alcoholism when even a huge amount of alcohol can not make you drunk.

  1. They get irritated easily

When your partner can not get a hold of an alcoholic beverage, the mood changes drastically. It is a sign of alcohol withdrawal when the mood changes because of the non-consumption of alcohol for a long time.

If your partner needs help in battling AUD, Mallard Lake Detox Center is here. We are conveniently located near Dallas, Texas, and we will help you on your road toward addiction recovery – that’s a guarantee.

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