Your Ultimate Guide to an Effectively Sober Weekend

Your Ultimate Guide to an Effectively Sober Weekend

Going back to your normal life after completing your stay in rehab is the happiest yet the scariest thing. These mixed feelings are totally normal because you are like a newborn in a world full of temptations.

Being scared at first is an expected reaction from people after rehab. But you do not have to be frightened. You are now a better person who can battle addictions with a renewed perspective. Getting intimidated by the thought of relapse is valid, but do not let it sway you from having a good time.

Your first few weekends will be the most challenging. Staying sober will be tough. But the most important thing is your resolve and determination to stay on the journey of recovery.

Mallard Lake Detox Center knows how hard it is to stay sober during weekends because most people go to clubs, bars, etc. to unwind after a long week of hard work.

Do not worry though, you will learn a few effective tips on this blog on how to stay sober during weekends. Here are some of them.

Avoid Tempting Environment

Remember, it is okay to say no to an invitation. If a co-worker or a friend invited you to a boozy evening and you are not sure whether you can handle it, say no. Your sobriety is more important than missing out on some events. Avoid environments that offer temptations, especially if you just got back from rehab.

Plan Your Weekend

Even if today is only Monday, the safest thing to do is to plan your weekend. When you do the planning early, it is easier to say no to a last-minute party. Most times, if you do not have a plan, a spontaneous invite can hook you to a tempting situation that can lead to relapse.

Find a Permanent Weekend Activity

Weekend sans activity is a recipe for relapse. It can make you feel bored, sad, anxious, etc. which can lead to drinking. Occupying your weekends with a permanent schedule will help you get busy and moving. You can find a new hobby that can be your recurring activity every weekend. Try recreational sports, classes, or volunteering activities.

Meet New Sober Friends

Meeting new friends is uncomplicated today because of social media. When you meet and spend your weekend with sober friends, your recovery journey will be easier.

Leave and Say No

It is always okay to say no. The most important thing in your recovery is your sobriety. You can always leave when the situation is making you uncomfortable and triggering. Your sobriety should come first every time.

Your Rehab Partner in Dallas, Texas

When you experience relapse even after following the tips above, remember that relapse is just a bump on your recovery journey. It may happen, but it does not mean that you fail.

Mallard Lake Detox Center is always here to help you get your life back again. We are conveniently located in Texas and we serve Dallas residents. Do not be embarrassed, we are here for you. Call us today!

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