Why Should You Go For Residential Drug Treatment?

Why Should You Go For Residential Drug Treatment?

Residential drug treatment becomes the best choice for anyone recovering from drug addiction. This becomes the second step in the treatment process after detox. Residential drug treatment is a medical treatment procedure where a patient stays at the residential treatment center or RTC until recovered. These centers offer drug counseling, mental illness therapies and other treatments catering to behavioral issues. 

The American Society of Addiction Medicine approves of these five levels of treatments based on a patient’s need:

  1. Early intervention services: educational, preventive and intervention services
  2. Outpatient treatment: recovering addicts attend 6 or lesser hours of treatment as per their plan
  3. Intensive outpatient treatment: attending treatment at the center while living at home
  4. Residential or inpatient treatment: living at the treatment center for a period of time as per the plan
  5. Medically managed intensive inpatient treatment: addiction including severe physical, emotional and psychological issues which requires 24 – hour primary medical care

Protection Against Relapse

The best way to prevent a relapse is to stay at a rehab after going through detox. It becomes the best place to reside until you feel confident that you won’t relapse once you start living in your usual home environment. Rehabs are especially helpful while recovering from the withdrawal phase. 

Once satisfied from the progress, you might then shift to a halfway house or a less stricter treatment center. Living in a halfway house gives you liberties like attending work, school, family gatherings, etc. while also being under the watch of a treatment center. 

Halfway houses provide equal access to therapies like group sessions, personal therapy, mental health treatment or drug counseling, etc. This could be a great way to heal while being in your own comfort zone. You could be living with a person just like you – suffering from addiction and under therapy. This would give both of you an opportunity to share your thoughts, feelings and emotions, while also supporting each other. 

You may also meet someone who supports your sobriety instead of those who put you under the drug influence. Such friendships could even last longer than expected. Staying with people who are also suffering the issues same as yours could be a helpful tool in the treatment process. Collectively you all can support each other to get better and recover faster. Get in touch with us to explore the options available at Mallard Lake Detox Center in Houston, TX.

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