Three Reasons Why Binge Drinking in College Has Been Normalized

Three Reasons Why Binge Drinking in College Has Been Normalized

Have you ever wondered why binge drinking on most college campuses has been widely prevalent and even normalized? Like, you can go to any college campus across the United States of America, and you’ll see the same scenes over and over again – it’s kind of crazy.

While we understand that most college students are enjoying their newfound independence, this doesn’t mean that they should indulge in binge drinking whenever they can, as there are inevitable health consequences to these actions.

Here in Houston, Texas, there are quite a few college campuses around, and it’s the same scenes over and over again.

However, do you know why binge drinking in college has been normalized around our country? If not, here are three of the most common reasons why:

  1. The drinking culture in the country has grown out of proportion.

When it comes to the drinking culture that we have in the United States of America, we think it has grown out of proportion. As we know, alcohol can often be found in most events, which are part of our everyday lives. This is why children begin to understand that alcohol is a part of our culture, so they try to dabble with it as soon as they go off to college.

  1. There has been a shift in most college party scenes.

Some go to college to study, but then there are those who go to college to party and binge drink. This is our reality today, and the college party scene in the country has been a staple and a part of the experience. If you don’t drink, you’re made fun of, so this level of peer pressure can indeed lead to substance use disorder.

  1. They see these scenes in most television shows and films.

Lastly, the main thing is that we keep on seeing scenes in most of our favorite television shows and films about binge drinking in colleges. This is something that the media shows us quite often, but they don’t often show us the reality behind it or the consequences of these actions. This is why we have to be careful about what our children see and watch.

While drinking might be inevitable to some students, it’s never alright to drink in excess, as this might lead to a level of addiction that might be uncontrollable.

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