What Is Equine Therapy? How Is It Beneficial For Patients?

What Is Equine Therapy? How Is It Beneficial For Patients?

Addiction treatment begins with detox. However, that is not the only method to overcome addiction. To successfully recover from addiction, a reputed rehab like Mallard Lake Detox Center utilizes several other therapies and treatment methods. Some of them are massage therapy, yoga and meditation therapy, equine therapy, and a lot more. 

All other therapy seems familiar but one might not be fully aware of equine therapy. Hence, we have come up with a blog comprising the details and the advantages of equine therapy. 

What Is Equine Therapy? 

This is a rather unique form of therapy that enhances a patient’s communicative abilities. Equine therapy uses horses as its medium. Patients are supposed to take care of the horses, clean them and feed them. Practicing this routine establishes a bond between the animal and the patient instilling a sense of responsibility among the patients. 

This therapy cannot be concluded within a few hours or a day. Patients and the horses need to spend a few hours as per the schedule with each other to become comfortable. It is a slow yet effective therapy. 

Advantages Of Equine Therapy

This form of therapy is especially effective for people who love animals. Being around domesticated animals generates positivity and reduces depression which can be caused during the treatment. 

Equine therapy also boosts self-esteem and confidence. Patients who feel low self-worth can benefit from this therapy. Caring for horses and repeating the same tasks can bring in a feeling in patients that their actions are worth it and are helping a living creature. 

This therapy is also beneficial for the patients to open up and share their thoughts with someone they know isn’t going to judge them. Some people talk to their horses while grooming and brushing them. That’s a great way to pour out all their emotions and feel light at heart without worrying about being judged and criticized. 

A Great Way To Establish Healthy Relationships 

Equine therapy can be a great start to begin establishing healthy relationships. Many patients have tainted relationships with their loved ones due to addiction. This form of therapy helps the patients to learn about establishing boundaries and staying committed. Once they build good relationships with horses, they can move further to rebuild the relationships with their loved ones. 

Attend Equine Therapy At Texas Rehab

If you are looking for a rehab providing equine therapy in Texas, Mallard Lake Detox Center is the best option for you. Not only this, but the center also provides various other forms of therapy to ensure an overall recovery of their patients. Visit our center and begin your recovery journey today! 

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