Ways to Fight your Cravings during Treatment

Ways to Fight your Cravings during Treatment

Addiction treatment isn’t a pleasant experience. It brings along negative feelings like stress, anxiety, boredom, tiredness, depression, etc. While some can handle these feelings with ease, some go back to thinking about alcohol or the drug of their choice. That’s how cravings arise. 

Cravings are like enemies to your recovery progress. They can easily lead you to relapse. Therefore, here are a few ways you can follow to avoid cravings. 

Ways to Avoid Drug and Alcohol Cravings 

You can follow these ways and avoid drug and alcohol cravings:

  1. Identify the situations and plan ahead 

You can try and observe the situations which you feel are leading you to crave substances. Now that you know these situations, plan and come up with ways to handle them. 

  1. Talk to others

Talking to your support group and sharing your problem will help you a lot in holding back. They can suggest you some ways to control your cravings. You can aslo talk to: 

  • NA or AA group sponsors 
  • Friends and family members 
  • Recovery alumni group 
  • Counselor 
  1. Exercise regularly

Exercising releases endorphins-the “feel good hormones” which can easily replace your feelings for drugs and alcohol. Exercising can also divert your attention from substances and cravings. 

  1. Practice mindfulness techniques

You can practice techniques like meditation, journal writing, praying and even a bit of attention to yourself. All of this helps in achieving a balance between your mind and body.

  1. Practice self-care 

Addiction also distracts you from caring about yourselves. You tend to neglect personal hygiene and necessary care. Thus, practicing self-care routine can help you forget your cravings. 

Use these techniques and overcome your drug and alcohol cravings. 

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