Types of Luxury Alcohol Rehabs in Houston and Surrounding Areas in Texas

Types of Luxury Alcohol Rehabs in Houston and Surrounding Areas in Texas

A few American studies on alcohol addiction have shown some shocking numbers. The number of people suffering from alcohol addiction is rising rapidly. Similar is the case with alcohol use disorder. Conditions like these can now only be handled by admitting to alcohol rehab centers. 

Once you decide to enroll in a rehab center, you will come across two options: a luxury rehab and a traditional rehab. Read further to know more about luxury alcohol rehabs in Houston and surrounding areas in Texas. 

Signs of Alcohol Use Disorder 

Before learning about luxury alcohol rehabs, let us first understand the signs of alcohol use disorder. 

The prominent signs of alcohol use disorder include 

  1. Drinking for a longer time than intended 
  2. Unable to decrease the amount of alcohol 
  3. Strong alcohol cravings 
  4. Deteriorating performance at work or school 
  5. Unable to stop despite realizing the consequences 
  6. Avoiding participating in your favorite activities 
  7. Engaging in risky activities 
  8. Increased tolerance to alcohol 
  9. Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when sober 

If you experience the mentioned signs in yourself, be sure to consult a professional. You may even enroll in rehab before it gets too late. 

Types of Treatments at a Luxury Rehab 

Luxury rehab offers two major categories of treatments. Those are: 

  1. Outpatient treatment 

It is a liberal form of treatment and the most suitable for patients with mild alcohol addiction. Under this program, a patient is not required to stay in the facility until the completion of their program. All they have to do is just attend a few hours of therapy and return to their routine. 

  1. Inpatient treatment 

This is a stricter format of treatment where the patient is forbidden to leave the facility until the completion of the program. A program like this is ideal for an individual with severe addiction. Here, the patient undergoes rigorous treatment to overcome addiction. Also, the rehab staff is always there to help through any inconveniences that a patient may face. 

A Few Questions to Ask 

Following are some questions that you need to ask a luxury rehab before enrolling: 

  1. What are the types of treatments available? 
  2. What is their daily routine? 
  3. Do they offer personalized treatment? 
  4. Is their treatment success measured? 
  5. What are their plans to handle relapse? 

Once you have satisfying answers to these questions, you can move on to begin the enrolment process. 

Qualities of Luxury Alcohol Rehab 

A luxury alcohol rehab is known for the following qualities: 

  1. Exclusive amenities 
  2. Personalized treatments 
  3. One-on-one psychotherapy 
  4. Evidence-based treatment approach 
  5. Holistic therapies 
  6. Medically-assisted detox 

You can find these qualities in Mallard Lake Detox Center too. We offer our services in Houston and surrounding areas in Texas. Call us now to schedule a visit! 

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