Things you Need to Know About Teen Drug Abuse

Things you Need to Know About Teen Drug Abuse

Among the drug abuse crisis going on in the world, a huge portion of abusers belongs to teenage. This means, that teenagers are also major consumers of illicit drugs and other substances. Consuming such substances is extremely hazardous for this age group. 

There are numerous facts about teen drug abuse that hardly gains attention. Hence, today we present to you a few of those “worth-knowing” facts. Maybe these can help you save your child from falling prey to addiction. 

Things to Know About Teen Drug Abuse 

Here are some important things you need to be aware of the ongoing teen drug abuse crisis across the world. 

  1. Most popular drug abused by teens
  1. Risk factors associated with teen drug use
  • The cause behind childhood trauma due to events like sexual abuse, child abuse, and losing someone closer to them.
  • Exposure to substances at a very tender age. 
  • Development of mental and physical health issues. 
  • Poor performance at school. 
  1. Cause of teen drug abuse 
  • As a result of peer pressure 
  • Curiosity to try and experience new things 
  • The will to experience the feeling of getting high 
  • Performance pressure at school, co-curricular activities, and as an individual 

Teen is a phase when their mind and body are constantly developing. If they consume drugs or other substances, their mental and physical growth can be hindered, resulting in poor health. Hence, if you suspect your child of drug abuse, talk to them about it and convince them to seek help. 

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