The Types of Drugs Used for Medical Detox in Houston, Texas

The Types of Drugs Used for Medical Detox in Houston, Texas

Going through any type of addiction is never easy – frankly, this is one of the hardest things that a person and their family can go through in their lives. Addiction is a disease that targets people of any ethnicity, gender, social standing, etc., so it can be so scary to think about the fact that one of our loved ones could be suffering from addiction.

Mallard Lake Detox Center is one of Houston’s leading luxury rehabilitation facilities, and we aim to educate our readers when it comes to all things addiction and recovery.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the types of drugs that are used for Medical Detox.

What You Need to Know About Medical Detox

Before we talk about the types of drugs used for Medical Detox, let’s first discuss what this treatment is all about.

Medical Detox is a type of treatment that’s also known as “detoxification,” and this refers to the process where we get rid of the toxins we’ve accumulated in our bodies. Substances like alcohol or drugs could be toxic to our bodies, so with the help of our certified medical professionals, we will safely remove these chemicals with the help of various “drugs.”

For most people, Medical Detox is the first step toward addiction recovery. After all, this is the part where you’ll remove the toxins and the substances that you’ve been addicted to.

Best be wary that this process is never easy, especially due to the withdrawal phase attached to it. However, it’s very much possible to go through it with the help of our team at Mallard Lake Detox Center – that’s for sure.

The Types of Drugs for Medical Detox

Now that we’ve covered the basics of Medical Detox, let’s move on to the types of drugs used for this kind of addiction treatment.

Those who will choose to undergo Medical Detox will work to flush the toxic substances from their bodies, so they will experience withdrawal symptoms. This is why our qualified physicians will prescribe detox medication with 24/7 supervision by our medical team.

The following are the most common types of drugs prescribed for Medical Detox in Houston:

  • Acamprosate
  • Buprenorphine
  • Disulfiram
  • Methadone
  • Naltrexone
  • Suboxone
  • Subutex

These are the types of drugs that you might be prescribed at our rehabilitation center in Houston should you go for our Medical Detox. Bear in mind that we will also offer supervision and monitoring for each of our patients to ensure that they’re safe and comfortable.

So if you’re eager to turn your lives around today, reach out to our team at Mallard Lake Detox Center and we’d be more than happy to tell you more about our Medical Detox.

Know that we have a space for you here at our luxury rehabilitation facility in Houston.

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