The Dangers of Xanax Misuse That Leads to Addiction

The Dangers of Xanax Misuse That Leads to Addiction

Benzodiazepine medications are drugs that tranquilize and calm the Central Nervous System (CNS). These medications treat anxiety and panic disorders. The most common benzodiazepine is alprazolam or also known as Xanax.

Xanax is a controlled drug, meaning you cannot buy this drug without a prescription from your doctor. But people who misuse Xanax always find a way to get their hands on this drug, from jumping from different doctors to buying online from illegal street dealers.

Xanax Misuse and Its Dangers

Buying Xanax Illegally

People who cannot get a prescription for Xanax turn to illegal street dealers. Nowadays, there are street dealers who sell their counterfeits online.

Buying Xanax from street dealers is very dangerous because these counterfeits are unlikely to be pharmaceutical grade. Also, these drugs may contain higher substances that can potentially be deadly to someone.

Using Pharmaceutical Grade Xanax Without a Prescription

A doctor will not give a prescription without assessing the patient’s physical and mental health. They cannot provide a correct dosage to a patient if they don’t know their health status.

Using Xanax without a prescription is endangering yourself. You might overdose from taking too much Xanax because you don’t have a prescription that indicates the correct dosage to take. This misuse of Xanax will develop a dependency on the drug.

Combining Xanax and Other Drugs

Mixing Xanax with other substances is extremely dangerous. It can lead to extreme sleepiness, clumsiness, and weakness. Taking Xanax in tandem with other substances can stop the functions of the CNS that can affect cardiac and respiratory functions. When this happens, it can lead to an accidental overdose death.

Xanax Addiction

Misusing Xanax often leads to addiction. When your body becomes dependent on the drug, quitting can be difficult. Also, it impacts your life and the lives of the people you love.

Study shows that Xanax addiction destroyed many relationships. Because Xanax-dependent people often break the trust of their families and friends. Also, it can damage you financially because you might lose your job while focusing on sustaining your Xanax addiction.

Long-term use of Xanax also affects your overall health.

Getting Help From Xanax Addiction in Dallas, Texas

If you or your loved ones struggle with Xanax abuse, getting treatment is the wisest thing to do. Getting help before it reaches a life-threatening stage will save you and them a lot of time, and above all, it will save lives.

Mallard Lake Detox Center in Dallas, Texas, offers programs to battle different addictions. We have Xanax Addiction Treatment that is proven effective and guarantee a successful recovery.

We modeled our treatment to heal people holistically. We take pride in our programs and facilities that will help you in your recovery journey.

If you have more questions, our helpline is 24/7 – call us today.

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