The 5 Best Evidence-Based Therapies for Addiction Treatment

The 5 Best Evidence-Based Therapies for Addiction Treatment

Are you struggling with addiction? If yes, then you are not alone. Help is available for all sorts of drug and alcohol addiction. The best way to overcome your addiction is by attending a rehab program. 

There are multiple programs offered by a rehab. All of these help you overcome your addiction and regain your mental and physical health. But what are these programs called exactly? 

Rehabs mainly offer evidence-based therapies for addiction treatment. Let’s see what they are and which are the best ones for you. 

What are Evidence-Based Therapies? 

The term “evidence-based” means the treatments and therapies that have been used and tested rigorously. These have evidence of being successful. Some other qualities of evidence-based therapies are: 

  • They are supported by published scientific data 
  • They have been tried and tested positive 
  • They have worked with different groups of people and in different settings 

The 5 Best Evidence-Based Therapies 

Multiple therapies have been proven effective and are in practice for a long time. The best 5 of them include: 

  1. Cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT 

This is personal therapy where you meet the therapist in private for a said period. It has also been tried on a large group of people with addiction and has proven effective. CBT mainly helps in preventing relapses after treatment. 

  1. Couples therapy 

As the name suggests, this therapy is for you and your partner. You meet a therapist for a decided period and work on several aspects of your relationship. It mainly helps in reducing domestic violence, drug abuse, etc. 

  1. Family therapy 

This therapy is mainly for teens and younger people with addiction. The family meets the therapist for a dedicated period and works on re-establishing family ties. It helps the addicts as well as their family members overcome trauma, addiction, etc. 

  1. Motivational enhancement therapy or MET 

This is a short-term treatment where you meet the therapist for about one to four sessions. The goal of this therapy is to motivate you and help you decide on your personal goals post-treatment. 

  1. 12-step therapy 

12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous mainly support therapies post-treatment. These help in maintaining your sobriety. These are also easier to find and cost-effective than other forms of therapies. 

Any rehab offering these therapies is ideal to attend. Mallard Lake Detox Center in Houston, Texas is also one such rehab. You can call us now or visit us to learn more about our treatment programs. 

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