Teenage Drug Abuse and Its Treatment in Dallas, Texas

Teenage Drug Abuse and Its Treatment in Dallas, Texas

Teenage drug abuse is an issue that is spreading rapidly, destroying the lives of countless young people, and disrupting their families. Although an occasional drink at a party may seem like a harmless part of growing up, learning when these behaviors become problematic can be a great way to prevent abuse. When teenagers experience these signs, they can start to seek out a teenage rehab center:

  • Inability to complete effortless tasks
  • Neglect to their physical appearance
  • Changes in sleeping patterns
  • An abrupt shift in their social circle
  • Declining school performance
  • Absences or suspensions
  • The trouble with the law
  • Loss of interest in extracurricular activities
  • Becoming secretive and paranoid

Different Types of Rehab for Teens

Teenage rehabilitation treatment takes many forms and levels, depending on the severity of drug and/or alcohol abuse.

Inpatient Treatment

Also known as residential treatment; the duration of this non-hospital, live-in program ranges from a few weeks to a year.

Outpatient Treatment

This type of program can be conducted as a day program or outside of school/work hours. In addition, after the session, participants must commute home. Outpatient treatment programs can be more intensive or more casual, depending on the teen.

Partial Hospitalization

This program is a form of outpatient treatment. Partial hospitalization includes access to psychiatric services as part of treatment, all while the patient still lives at home.


Counseling is typically a one-on-one session with an abuse counselor or therapist or in a group facilitated by a professional. This program involves more long-term support while addressing underlying mental health issues.

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Having a conversation with your teen can help minimize confusion and/or frustration. This can help your child be less reluctant when talking about the options together. At Mallard Lake Detox Center, we make sure patients get the utmost care they need. Start discussing your options with us today.

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