Signs Indicating the Need for Detox

Signs Indicating the Need for Detox

Addiction is one of the deadliest diseases one can ever suffer from. It can be difficult to spot addiction in a loved one. However, it hardly goes unnoticed. Anyone addicted to drugs and/or alcohol portrays a few signs which indicate the need for a detox. 

Here’s a blog that lists down a few signs of addiction and calls for immediate detox. 

Signs a Loved One Needs Drug Detox

A few signs of addiction which show the need for drug detox are listed below:

  1. Mental health issues

Mental health issues and addiction often go hand-in-hand. If your loved one is suffering from such a condition of co-occurring disorders, it is wise to seek drug detox before the condition worsens

  1. Severe drug cravings 

Another major withdrawal symptom of detox is intense drug cravings. If not controlled, they can lead to relapse. Thus, it is advisable to seek drug detox at a rehab center. 

  1. Unaddressed medical issues 

Anyone suffering from addiction prefers to stay away from doctors due to the fear of getting caught. Due to this, they also refrain from seeking help for other medical issues. When this behavior continues, those existing medical conditions worsen further affecting their physical and mental health. 

  1. Unsuccessful attempts to quit drugs

Your love must have tried to quit drugs on their own and have failed. This could be normal as detoxing alone isn’t easy. When they have multiple failed attempts at quitting drugs, you should convince them to go for drug detox at a rehab. 

If you are aware of any of these signs, be sure to ask your loved one to seek assistance from professionals. 

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