Signs and Side Effects Of Smoking Heroin

Signs and Side Effects Of Smoking Heroin

One of the most addictive and harmful drugs – heroin, is obtained from the seeds of the poppy plant. Heroin is made from the parent drug called morphine and has several street names like a horse, Big H and smack. It can be obtained in the form of white or brown coloured powder or even in the form of black – sticky tar-like substance. 

The common way to consume this harmful drug is by injecting it. However, it is also consumed by snorting, sniffing and smoking. The side effects of heroin depend on the method of consumption. 

Side Effects Of Smoking Heroin

Injecting heroin is the most prefered way of consumption. However, there are users who prefer smoking it. They believe it is less dangerous than injecting, but both the methods are equally harmful. Heroin can be smoked using a glass pipe, can be heated on a foil and smoked from it or can be mixed with marijuana and tobacco in the form of joints and cigarettes. 

Smoking heroin is equally fatal. Hence, it is important to know its side effects: 

  • Changes in consciousness
  • Constipation 
  • Vomiting and nausea 
  • Severe itching
  • Flushed skin
  • Heavy limbs
  • Dry mouth 
  • Unclear thoughts 

These signs can help you identify if someone is smoking heroin. They are visible even after a single dose of the drug and appear immediately after smoking. If the heroin consumption is continued, it could lead to overdosing, lung issues, liver complications, kidney problems or even death. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid its use as early as possible. 

Signs Of Smoking Heroin

Do you suspect anyone of smoking heroin but don’t know for sure? Then there are some signs which can help you identify the same. A person smoking heroin will:

  • Develop chronic cough
  • Have a changed and hoarse voice
  • Borrow a lot of money even when they have a stable economic situation
  • Have either large or tiny pupils
  • Often have bloodshot eyes
  • Have heavy eyelids with puffy eyes and dark circles
  • Burn marks on their mouth and fingers
  • Keep picking scabs on their skin
  • Seem more tired than usual
  • Have a runny or bleeding nose
  • Often neglect personal hygiene
  • Experience extreme weight loss 

These signs alone do not prove that someone has been smoking heroin. However, you can make sure by discussing these observations with them. If they open up with you on this matter and accept their addiction issue, then the best you can do is to advise them to seek professional help.

You can recommend them to visit Mallard Lake Detox Center to overcome their heroin addiction and to treat other underlying issues if any. The detox centre will provide the best possible care and treatment for your loved ones and lead them to live a healthy life again. 

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