Should You Enroll at a Luxury Rehabilitation Center near Sugar Land?

Should You Enroll at a Luxury Rehabilitation Center near Sugar Land?

Did you know that every year, one in five Americans experience mental health problems? Fortunately, more people are now opening up about their mental health illnesses, unlike before.

However, the number of people who self-harm and commit suicide is still rising.

Luxury rehabs are among the possibilities being thought about nowadays for rehabilitation because they resemble the peak of mental health recovery.

But how much do luxury rehabs charge?

Rehab in Luxury

Luxury rehab is totally different compared to conventional rehabilitation facilities. With the additional fee you are paying, you can enjoy stunning views, upscale amenities similar to those at a resort spa, and even specialized services like a gourmet chef. These comforts help in the patient’s successful recovery from addiction.

It doesn’t only provide a welcoming home for individuals to reside in while they complete their recovery program. It also ensures that they have a wonderful experience will also make it easier for them to feel empowered during their rehabilitation.

Luxury rehabs offer a setting that makes patients feel more comfortable. They also offer sober living that is frequently more effective than traditional ones. Patients are not viewed as outcasts or criminals but as guests. They receive chef-prepared meals and have access to televisions in their personal spaces. Instead of feeling clinical, the atmosphere has more of a retreat vibe.

Because there are fewer patients at these luxury rehabs, and because the majority of them are in rural areas, each has a private room with top-of-the-line accommodation specifically for them.

The cost of a month’s stay in a high-end recovery center ranges from $30,000 to $100,000. While this costs three times as much as a regular facility’s monthly rate, which is only $5,000 to $20,000, it can still be partially covered by government aid or flexible rates.

The price will also change based on the quality of care, specific requirements, and selected amenities they would like to enjoy during rehabilitation.

Are Luxury Rehabs Worth It?

One thing is for sure when you enter a luxury rehab. You get what you pay for. Also, luxury rehab is successful in treating substance use disorder because individuals are more comfortable and at ease.

But it’s important to note that whatever your choice of rehab is, your discipline and motivation to get better is the key to recovery.

If you are having difficulty finding a luxury rehab center that caters to your needs, Mallard Lake Detox Center will accept you. We treat everybody equally in recovery. Also, our programs can be as discreet as possible.

Call us today for more information. Know that we can’t wait to welcome you to our beautiful rehabilitation center near Sugar Land, Texas – that’s for sure.

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