Rainbow Fentanyl-A Deadly Trend

Rainbow Fentanyl-A Deadly Trend

A super attractive drug has entered the market recently and has gained popularity in no time. This drug resembles candy and is available in various colors, hence the name. Though it looks like candy, don’t be fooled by its appearance, it is deadly! 

Rainbow fentanyl is the colorful pill of the drug fentanyl and mainly attracts children and the young population. Since it is an attractive version of fentanyl, its effects are also similar to that of other opioids. Therefore, it becomes important to learn more about the drug and protect your children from consuming them. 

What is Fentanyl? 

Fentanyl is a form of opioid and works as a pain killer. It is often prescribed to patients suffering from chronic pain. On taking fentanyl the brain’s ability to detect pain is altered into joy. This helps the patients handle the severe pain that they have been experiencing. 

However, several people are unable to discontinue their fentanyl dose. This is mainly because they have developed a dependency on the drug to feel happy. Such behavior is what leads to fentanyl addiction. 

Rainbow Fentanyl Overdose 

Since fentanyl is a prescription drug and difficult to obtain, people also resort to other alternatives like rainbow fentanyl. Even when rainbow fentanyl doesn’t seem like a drug, its effects are quite similar. Not just that, but the side effects of the drug are equally harmful. If not contained, overconsumption of rainbow fentanyl can also lead to an overdose. 

A few symptoms of overdose to look out for are

  1. Clammy or cold skin 
  2. Gray or blue lips 
  3. Losing consciousness 
  4. Less alert or aware 
  5. Confusion 
  6. Shallow breathing 

Overdosing from rainbow fentanyl is a common issue among children since they mistake it for candy. Thus, if you observe any of these symptoms in your child, immediately call for medical help. 

Protecting your Children from Rainow Fentanyl 

Follow these ways to keep your children safe and away from rainbow fentanyl:

  1. Keep such prescription medicines away from the reach of your children 
  2. Use appropriate language and inform them about the dangers of using drugs 
  3. Keep an eye on your children’s social media usage

If your child seems to have an addiction or dependence on the drug somehow, do not hesitate to seek help. We at Mallard Lake Detox Center in Houston, Texas are here to help you and your child. 
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