Medical Detox: What Happens Next?

Medical Detox: What Happens Next?

The detoxification process is probably one of the hardest and most challenging things that recovering addicts have to go through before they can be fully sober. This is something that we thoroughly provide support for at Mallard Lake Detox Center.

Mallard Lake Detox Center is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility near Dallas, Texas. Plus, we have a team of qualified physicians and certified medical professionals ready to assist you in any way we can – especially so when undergoing the detoxification process.

Although now that you’re done detoxing, you might be wondering what’s next, right?

Well, there are certain things that you can do to ensure that you stay on the right path and maintain your sobriety. Then there are programs to go through to keep you going in the right direction.

Normally, rehabilitation facilities offer various treatments that can help recovering individuals. Here at Mallard Lake Detox Center, we offer programs like the following:

  • Residential Treatment Program
  • Drug Addiction Treatment
  • Alcohol Addiction Treatment

We also offer special addiction treatments that are catered towards a specific drug that you might be addicted to like benzodiazepines, marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, etc. These are programs that can also be tailored to each patient’s preference and timeline, so you’ll know that you’ll get everything you need with each program.

When it comes to the detoxification phase, Mallard Lake Detox Center offers the following:

  • Medical Detox
  • Medically Assisted Detox
  • Alcohol Detox

These are programs that can help you go through the detoxification process and help you ensure a more sober lifestyle. We acknowledge that it won’t be easy, but that’s what we’re here for, and we will help you get through it all.

So why don’t you make that decision today?

Mallard Lake Detox Center welcomes patients from all over Dallas, Texas, and beyond.

Give us a call today for more information.

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