Major Factors Governing Addiction

Major Factors Governing Addiction

Addiction is often seen as a subject of taboo. People do not wish to talk about it in open. However, the experts believe that addiction isn’t a result of moral failure and there is no point in hiding it. Instead, it is governed by a few scientific reasons. 

Here’s a blog dedicated to revealing the true reasons behind causing addiction in an individual. 

Reasons behind Addiction

Drinking or taking drugs does begin by choice but the addiction doesn’t always happen in the same way. There are multiple reasons which can cause addiction. Some of them are mentioned below: 

  1. Genetics 

We might not be aware but genetics play a major role in causing addiction. It is responsible for 40% to 60% of an individual’s vulnerability to addiction. People with weaker genes for addiction can develop it even after a few drinks or doses of drugs. 

  1. Past trauma

Several people suffering from addiction also accept that they have experienced some kind of trauma in their past. In such cases, they turn to substances to overcome that trauma. Again, substances are a means to self-medicate in these cases. 

  1. Mental health issues

Most cases of addiction are also often tested positive for an existing mental health condition. When people fail to overcome their mental health condition, they seek help from substances instead of medical professionals and fall into the trap of addiction. 

  1. Environment 

The term “environment” here means the surroundings of an addict. A person constantly surrounded by addictive substances or people consuming substances tend to develop the same habit. They’re merely influenced and mimic what they see. 

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