Luxury Rehab Provides Better Treatment: Is It True?

Luxury Rehab Provides Better Treatment: Is It True?

Luxury rehabs have existed for quite some time now. However, their effectiveness has always been brought under strict scrutiny. Earlier, the image of a luxury rehab was that it only catered to the rich and famous such as Hollywood artists and music performers.

These institutions applied the same style of therapy-based treatment but received a lot of criticism for not being effective. They were taken as places, which relied on giving the person a private vacation without working on the addiction. In recent times, the image has undergone a shift and people are regarding these places as ones which give the best treatment. Moreover, their number around the country is also on the rise. 

Does it offer better treatment?

The question boils down to this: does a luxury rehab center offer better treatment when compared to a traditional rehab center? Let us begin to answer this question using some facts. Most therapists around the world agree that personalized treatment offers a better form of treatment. 

People who get into substance abuse have a history associated with the substance. There might be different reasons as to why a person may get addicted to any drug or alcohol. Everyone comes from a different environment, social and economic conditions. Hence, their association with the drug also differs. The level of addiction and dependency also differs from person to person. 

Therefore, it is not useful that the idea of ‘one-size-fits-all’ would work for all the people involved. This is where the idea of personalized therapy derives its legitimacy. It takes into account the peculiarities of each personality and their addiction. So, if there is a facility with only 10 beds, the people in those 10 beds will get individual attention. 

Other features of luxury rehab include:

  • Individual Sessions: These facilities offer individual sessions such as weekly and monthly sessions with the person. 
  • Group Sessions: This includes therapy sessions with other members of the facility. 
  • Exercise regimen: The people at the facility help the patient form new exercise regimens for their journey to sobriety. 
  • 24-hour medical staff: Any emergency situation can be handled by the medical staff of the luxury facility. 

It is a thing of the past that only rich people can afford luxury rehab centers. Nowadays, if you are a policyholder of a private health insurance, the insurance will cover the expenses as they are getting affordable. 

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