Learn about Private Luxury Rehab and Detox

Learn about Private Luxury Rehab and Detox

Are you thinking about entering into a private luxury rehab or detox center in Katy, TX? Before committing yourself, it is recommended that you get a fair idea about these institutions. Patients enjoy several amenities in luxury rehabs and we are here to provide you a glimpse into them. 

What are the facilities available in a luxury rehab?

Unlike regular rehab centers, luxury rehab centers are often located in secluded places. The serenity offered by these locations tend to provide an added benefit to your recovery. These are usually high end locations with high end homes around them. However, these locations also give the wrong impression that these are high-end hotels or resorts. That is certainly not the case. Yes, these places have luxury facilities but the actual luxury flows from individual attention. 

More than just ‘amenities’

As we said earlier, the presence of luxury facilities is just one of the factors which makes these places luxurious. Patients who are offered these amenities tend to stay for longer and get better care. These places focus on holistic treatment rather than giving your general advice. Amenities such as massage treatments, pools, acupuncturist, gym and movie theaters are just some of the few things offered by these places. 

Other comforts may include:

  • Horse Riding
  • Room service
  • Tennis
  • Meditation
  • Yoga

Do Luxury rehabs treat dual diagnosis?

Most rehab centers focus on treating the addiction and dependency. However, the luxury rehab centers take it a step further. If a patient suffers from a mental ailment as well as addiction, luxury rehab centers treat them as well. This has become increasingly important as studies have indicated that more than half of the people with addiction suffer from a mental disorder. 

So, how do luxury rehab centers deal with this issue? Well, before you are inducted into the center, they tend to conduct a mental health screening. This becomes a mandatory component before you are taken into the rehab center. It is also alarming that only 18% of the institutions have the capability to deal with dual diagnosis. 

The Luxury Treatment Center Experience

The motive behind entering into a luxury treatment center is not to live in luxury but to experience luxury care. This luxury care does not just stem from luxury surroundings and amenities but the quality of treatment you are receiving. 

There are people who wish to receive care but may also need to be connected to their jobs or businesses. For them, these centers are suitable as they are fully equipped with business centers, external communication and other amenities. 

So, if you are looking for a luxury rehab or detox center in Katy, TX, feel free to contact us. 

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