Debunking Inpatient Treatment Myths

Debunking Inpatient Treatment Myths

It has been accepted that inpatient treatment is the best way to cure addiction. Several people opt for it but still there are some who aren’t ready to go for a residential treatment program at a rehab. Such people are surrounded by myths about the residential rehab centers and their treatment. To achieve appropriate treatment for addiction, one needs to clear all these myths and understand the reality behind it. 

Some Common Myths About Inpatient Treatment

No. 1 – “I Can’t Afford Rehab”

Drug treatments could be expensive but there are ways to avoid paying high rehab fees. Several insurance companies cover most of the treatment cost. In case you don’t have insurance, treatment centers can also provide other financing options.

No. 2 – Inpatient Treatment Is The Only Option

Inpatient treatment is surely the best option but it is not the only option available. There are patients who aren’t severely addicted or have other responsibilities like work, education, etc. Such people can choose outpatient therapy. This requires the patient to attend the therapy sessions and they can go back home after the daily sessions. 

No. 3 – “I Have To Go Cold Turkey”

Professionals specialized in this field use a range of treatment techniques and medicines to fight the withdrawal symptoms. They can use methods like counseling, recreation and meditation. 

No. 4 – “I Won’t Be Able To Meet My Family” 

It is a myth that the centers won’t let you meet your family until complete recovery. Families help a lot in a patient’s treatment by supporting and motivating their loved ones. Rehab centers encourage involving family members in the treatment.

No. 5 – “Treatment Centers Are Scary”

Rehab centers aren’t scary and have become welcoming for their patients. The centers have learned staff who make the patients feel homely. Some centers are so liberal that they also let you leave midway if you don’t feel comfortable. 

No. 6 – “Addicts Are Coddled In Treatment”

Patients at a rehab center often tend to pose a denying behavior. They might face errors in thoughts, self – centeredness, immaturity and lack of social skills at times. The professionals take care of all these issues and help patients deal with it.

No. 7 – “I Have To Be Down And Out”

A patient can belong to any community or class. There are no specifications to seek treatment. Since people are becoming more aware about the addiction and its treatment, they seek help before the situation worsens. 

No. 8 – The Religion

Spiritual aspects become a vital pillar in the foundation. Every center has their own ways to deal with this situation but none will be forceful to patients. 

No. 9 – “Once Treatment Is Done, I Am Cured”

This is a common myth and should be cleared soon. Rehab is not a complete cure to the addiction. It will help you overcome the addiction and other troubles. It will provide you tools to even beat chances of relapse but it’s up to you to control yourselves. 

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