How Xanax Affected the Life of a Young Girl 

How Xanax Affected the Life of a Young Girl 

Xanax, the brand name for a prescription drug called alprazolam is used to help people overcome anxiety and other related disorders. However, this drug holds immense potential to cause addiction. 

Here’s a story of a young girl named Alice who unknowingly developed an addiction to Xanax and suffered for a long time. 

Xanax Addiction and Treatment

Once you begin taking Xanax, it soon consumes you with addiction. Here’s how it affected Alice. 

  • The beginning

Alice was suffering from mild anxiety disorder and decided to consult a doctor when things got out of hand. She vividly described her problem to the doctor hoping to get some advice. But what she got instead was a prescription. A prescription mentioning Xanax. 

  • The beginning of addiction

Soon Alice was free from anxiety but she wasn’t aware that another bigger problem awaited her. As days passed, Alice began to observe some unusual behavior in herself, and in no time, other problems began to show up. 

All these were the signs of developing Xanax addiction. Alice’s Xanax use cost her her job! She got fired because of her unusual behavior. 

  • A full-fledged addiction

Alice was devastated to lose her job. But, the addiction to Xanax was so strong that she couldn’t help but get another prescription. With time, Alice was now under full control of Xanax and couldn’t afford to miss even a single dose. 

She didn’t like this but she was helpless.  All she could now do was attend rehab. 

Just like Alice, there are millions of people who begin taking Xanax as a prescription pill and can’t stop taking it. All they can do in such a situation is attend rehab. 

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