How to Stay Sober After a Break-Up?

How to Stay Sober After a Break-Up?

One of the major setbacks you can experience due to addiction is breaking up with your partner. Not everyone is understanding enough to support you through the journey of recovery. There are many cases where couples break up solely because one of the partners will be spending months in rehab or they don’t want to feel ashamed of loving an addict. 

If the same is your case, it’s always better to stay single rather than be with an unsupportive partner. But the break-up shouldn’t pull you back into the trap of substances. Here’s how you can stay sober even after a break-up

Sobriety and Break-Ups

Follow these tips and stay focused on your sobriety after a break-up:

  • Distance yourself

You’ve put lots of effort into becoming sober and thinking about your ex or just looking at their pictures can ruin all your hard work. Thus, clean your cell phones and your social media accounts of any information about your ex. 

  • Attend meetings and therapies

Break-ups aren’t easy but they shouldn’t be the reason for your distraction either. You can instead focus more on meetings and therapies rather than revisiting old memories of your ex. 

  • Seek additional help if needed 

Do not hesitate to ask for additional help. AA meetings might not be enough for you. Hence, don’t restrict yourself to these meetings. Instead, consult your counselor and ask for additional help and support. Ask them to conduct personal sessions where you can pour out all your feelings of sadness, anger, etc. about your ex. 

You can always begin dating again after achieving complete sobriety. 

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