How to Confront an Alcoholic? 

How to Confront an Alcoholic? 

It is a dreadful sight to see yourself engaged in full-fledged alcohol addiction. It is even worse to find out that one of your close ones is addicted to alcohol. Once you learn about their alcohol addiction, it’s your immediate response to help them. But there are chances your loved one might not even talk about their addiction with you. 

What would you do then in such a situation? Here’s a blog that you can go through and learn how to confront an alcoholic. 

Confronting an Alcoholic

Addiction isn’t something everyone is open about. It’ll take time for your loved ones to come up to you and talk about their problems. Meanwhile, here’s what you can do to confront them: 

  • Express concern about their drinking

Addicts might not realize the harm they are causing to themselves and others. But it’s your job to make them realize it. Talk to them and express concern about their drinking. Let them know its negative impacts on themselves and others. 

  • Show concern about their health 

Alcohol severely damages the physical and mental health of the user. Thus, show them that you are worried about their health and wish to help them. You may not address them as “alcoholics” or “addicts”. Instead, treat them as though they’re suffering from any other normal disease. 

  • Show understanding and empathy 

Blaming your loved ones for their addiction does not help. It just worsens the situation. Instead, be empathetic and understand their situation before lending out help. 

  • Offer to help 

Addiction is a sensitive issue and demanding your loved one to seek help will not work. Instead, you should try and offer to help. Make them believe that you are there to help them with the addiction treatment. 

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