How Does a Meth Addict Think and Feel?

Metamphetamine, also known by its street name meth, is inarguably one of the most dangerously addicting illicit drugs there is. Known for its stimulant effects, it’s typically manufactured from household ingredients and toxic chemicals that can take their toll on one’s mental and physical well-being.

If you are dealing with a loved one suffering from meth addiction, it is imperative to learn about how meth addicts think and feel. A better understanding of their attitudes and behavior will help you respond accordingly and seek the right type of treatment to aid in their recovery.

Although a greater understanding of how meth addicts think and feel does not necessarily give you the entire picture, it will provide you with insight into the true nature of meth addiction, and how you can extend the right level of care and support to them in times of need.

How Does a Meth Addict Think and Feel?

How Does It Feel to be High on Meth?

People who are high on methamphetamine undergo physical and physiological changes. Once meth is absorbed into the bloodstream and reaches the brain and the central nervous system, it produces a series of reactions that affect the way a person feels and behaves.

One of the first signs that appear during a meth addiction is the sudden rush of euphoria – a sensation that is the most addicting for its users. Meth specifically targets the rewards center of the brain, and with euphoria associated with meth use, even first-time users become instantly addicted to the high and continue using it for the long haul.

Long-term meth use leads to an abnormal rewiring of the brain. As the brain is reprogrammed to seek pleasure from taking meth, meth addicts continue to crave the drug until their need for meth goes out of control. Apart from the instant euphoria, meth users also exhibit blunted emotions. People who start seeking out meth on a regular basis will stop exhibiting actions, behavior, and feelings that average people have under normal circumstances. To people who use meth as a form of escape from reality, the sense of apathy or blunted reactions are advantageous as they can momentarily forget the challenges and problems they face in life.

Yet another effect of prolonged meth use is aggression. Meth addicts show signs of aggression towards others, and in some cases, towards oneself. People who are starting to get addicted to meth feel a sudden sense of power and strength that they wouldn’t normally feel when they are sober. The false perception of power and inflated senses of self-worth is usually manifested in the form of being too sociable and delusional aggression.

Meth addicts think and behave differently because they often lack sense of self-awareness. These people are totally unaware that how they think and feel is considered abnormal, dangerous, and unhealthy for themselves and other people. The extended and regular use of meth typically worsens their condition. Without proper intervention and management, meth addicts will start showing signs of worsening aggression, grandiose delusions, and a general sense of being unwell.

Physical Effects of Meth on Addicts

When it comes to physical side effects of meth use – there’s simply too many to mention. But let’s discuss the most common physical symptoms that are common among individuals who have made meth use into a daily habit.

As meth is categorized as a stimulant, physical signs include tweaking, fidgety behaviors, and creeping or crawling sensation on the skin that prompt meth addicts to scratch different parts of their body on a regular, incessant manner. It is thus normal to see scabs and sores on the face and various body parts of a meth addict.

People who use meth regularly experience a loss of appetite which leads to weight loss. They are most likely to suffer significant loss of fat and muscle which can radically deteriorate their overall appearance.

While there are specific feelings and thought processes that are common among meth addicts, they also exhibit behaviors that are common among addicts in general. Meth addicts, just like drug addicts, only think about when their next fix will be. They constantly crave for the drug of their choice and will do everything necessary to get them right away. This constant craving to get high leads them to cheat, lie, steal, and engage in illegal activities.

How Does a Meth Addict Think and Feel?

As meth addicts lack self-awareness, they are completely oblivious to the danger they inflict on themselves and other people. People who are growing addicted to meth by the day start becoming more manipulative to get money for their next fix. They switch between aggressiveness and show of concern and love towards family members, leading people to be manipulated into giving meth addicts the money they need for their dangerous habit.

No matter how difficult the struggle is dealing with a meth addict, there is always hope. Drug rehabilitation programs run by reputable meth addiction specialists are your partners in helping a loved one fully recover from meth use.

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