Finding a Luxury Rehab at Affordable Rates in Houston

Finding a Luxury Rehab at Affordable Rates in Houston

The thought of enrolling in a luxury rehab itself is scary. If you plan to choose a luxury rehab for your treatment, it is sure to cost you a lot. But not anymore if you find a luxury rehab that is also in your budget. 

Finding an affordable luxury rehab can be challenging but is not impossible. All you need to do is consider a few things while searching for one. You can know more about the same in the blog below. 

What is a Luxury Rehab and Why is it So Expensive? 

In simpler terms, a luxury rehab is a place similar to a luxurious resort. It hosts all the necessary facilities along with some additional amenities. All of this is provided along with your treatment. This means you get to recover from addiction while enjoying all the luxurious services of rehab. 

A luxurious rehab is likely to offer the following treatments: 

  1. Medical detox 
  2. Inpatient treatment 
  3. Outpatient treatment 
  4. Behavioral therapies 
  5. Aftercare programs 

But these aren’t what makes them so expensive. The reason for the higher costs of these rehabs is their exclusive amenities like: 

  1. Beautiful and serene setting 
  2. Peaceful environment 
  3. Complete privacy 
  4. Private and semi-private accommodations 
  5. Spa and wellness facilities 
  6. Swimming pools 
  7. Dedicates sports areas 
  8. Gourmet kitchen 
  9. Access to internet 
  10. Gyms and yoga centers 

Besides these, you will also notice that the staff-to-patient ratio at luxury rehabs is fairly lower than at traditional rehabs. This means you get personal attention at every step. 

How to Find an Affordable Luxury Rehab? 

Considering the services and amenities mentioned above, luxury rehab is certain to cost you a lot. However, there’s a way to bring that down. Consider the given points to find an affordable luxury rehab. 

  1. Research 

Do not finalize the first place you come across on the internet. Research and look for reviews and ratings for various places in and around your area. 

  1. Check for accreditation 

Make sure that the rehab you are looking at holds the necessary licenses and permits to function. 

  1. Look for grants 

Some rehabs also offer grants to help patients waive off or at least minimize their treatment costs. Check to see if you qualify for those grants. 

  1. Know their payment plans 

Many rehabs accept payment in installments. See if yours does the same. This will make the treatment cost more manageable. 

  1. Consult your insurance provider 

Certain insurances may cover the costs of luxury rehab. Thus, check with your provider for more clarity. 

An Affordable Luxury Rehab in Houston 

End your search today! Visit Mallard Lake Detox Center for the most luxurious rehab experience. We offer services in Houston and surrounding areas in Texas. Contact us now to know more!

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